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Please Note: The Maine Adventure Challenge is not a race, nor is it a relaxing hike through the woods. You may get lost, confused and frustrated. You may not be able to complete this challenge. However, that is what makes this an ADVENTURE!


In order to complete this challenge you'll need to be able hike a small mountain (or two) and a basic level of physical fitness is required. In addition, you'll need to solve puzzles and riddles to keep on the right path - this will require some mental agility.

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What is the premise of this adventure?

Similar to the movies The Davinci Code and National Treasure the Maine Adventure Challenge takes you through a series of increasingly difficult puzzles, codes and ciphers hidden in the forest, village, and in plain sight. 


Solve a clue and you'll be able to move on to the next location. Sometimes there will be multiple routes to get you where you need to go, you could catch a break... or not.


Do I need a bike or a boat?

A bike or a boat (kayak) is not required, but could be helpful... or not. While most trails are easy to moderate some trails may lend themselves nicely to a bike, others will require some sturdy footwear as you ascend a steep incline. There’s a lot of water on the coast of Maine, however we’ve designed the challenge to work with or without a kayak.


Where do I show up?

The 2017 Maine Adventure Challenge takes place from June 2nd -October 15th , 2017. The last day to sign up for the challenge is October 13th, 2017. Whether do complete the challenge all at once, or you break it up over the season, it’s up to you.


Once you’ve purchased your pass (or Getaway Package) you’ll be registered and will receive your first clue which will contain your starting location. This location is also where you’ll pick up your trail kit.


Who can do the challenge?

The Maine Adventure Challenge is most fun with a teammate, or an entire team. The challenges can be difficult and tiring, as such it’s best suited for adults and teens. Teens 16 and over will need their own pass and all children must be accompanied by an adult.


Pack your bags!

As with any good adventure, you’ll need to be prepared to spend a few long days in the great outdoors. The challenge takes place rain or shine and is most enjoyable when you are comfortable. Sturdy shoes and layers of clothing are a must. Your trail kit will provide plenty of room for water, snacks, bug spray (though bugs are not common on the coast!) and a camera (or camera phone). 


Email us with any additonal questions: 


About Us

We started Maine Adventure Challenges to share our love for our community and those parts that most don't get to see.  Many visit the villages of coastal Maine as part of their scenic roadtrip up the coast. However, the real jewels of the coast often lay off the beaten path. Whether you enjoy breathtaking views or the rich history of boatbuilding, art and American heritage... it can all be found on the coast of Maine. You've just got to look for it, and a Maine Adventure Challenge will help you find it. 

Welcome to our adventure!

Joe & Kristen

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